We Pray for Justice, Peace and Calm

The brutal assault and killing of George Floyd serve to once again remind us of our nation’s failure to understand the continued injustices perpetrated on African Americans. These injustices stem from an historic system that often excludes equal access to health care, education, jobs and other social constructs. The system then seeks to blame the victims, even when there is clear video evidence to the contrary.
While we do not condone the destruction and violence that has followed the tragic killing, we most certainly understand how this is a consequence of the perpetual and systemic oppression and mistreatment of American citizens.
While we pray for peace and calm, as demonstrated in our city on May 30th, we stand firmly and without reservation with those who demand the removal of the blinders of justice that George Floyd and so many others have had to give their lives for ALL to see.
Let us now join together in solidarity, unified in our desire to live in a nation where people of all races, creeds and nationalities are valued.

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COVID-19/Coronavirus Updates and Resources

Recognizing the strong emotions and associated stress many people are feeling with the COVID-19 outbreak, the Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Behavioral Health has established a FREE hotline to help Louisianans cope. The Keep Calm Through COVID crisis phone line provides trained, compassionate counselors.

Call 1-866-310-7977 at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All calls are confidential. This line is for counseling only, and people calling for general COVID-19 information should call 211.

NORD Feeding Sites 2020

Family Preparedness – N. O. Health Department

COVID-19 Resource as of 3/13/20

Activities for You and Your Child

Audio Book Cloud is an Online Audio Library collection with unlimited streaming accessJust click logo on left and choose a book to listen to – Try A Child’s Day Out – seven stories for a whole week of adventures. The stories in this collection will take children on seven outings: “Day at the Aquarium,” “Day at the Farm,” “Day at the Library,” “Day at the Zoo,” “Day at Santa’s Workshop,” “Day at the City,” and “Day with Dad at the County Fair.”  There are some books in Spanish as well.

The TumbleBooks Library is full of animated, talking picture books for children K-6. Just click on the logo on left and choose a book to listen and watch. Try Lola at the Library a story about why Lola loves Tuesdays so much.


Discover games, videos and more on topics important to you and your child, like H is for Handwashing.