Kingsley Cares

Compassionate Care for Adults

Kingsley Adult Day Care offers peace of mind and respite for those caring for an elderly parent or relative during the day.

We know life’s demands can make it difficult to care for a loved one 24 hours a day. We will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable while your senior or medically fragile adult spends the day with us.

About Us

Kingsley Adult Day Care builds upon a legacy of care in New Orleans that dates back 125 years.

Kingsley will provide your parent with a hospitable and comfortable environment while you take care of other responsibilities.  From nutritious meals and snacks to stimulating activities, our participants can spend up to 8 enjoyable hours with us each week day.

Kingsley’s Adult Day Care, with its experienced medical staff, is the largest in New Orleans and licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health. Participants can receive nursing services, health monitoring, social services, case management and personalized nutritional consultations in a setting that is supportive and inviting.

We will make Kingsley your loved one’s home away from home in everything we do.

Program Enrollment

Participants must be experiencing medical conditions that would require health monitoring or daily supervision to improve their health outcome.  Referrals require a current negative Tuberculosis Test (TB) result and a completed Statement of Medical Status (SMS) by their physician.

Payment Options

Adult Services strives to be as cost-effective as possible in delivering the highest quality of elder services. Kingsley House works closely with participants, caregivers and their families to determine all available payment options. The program accepts State of Louisiana Medicaid Health Care, Community Choices Waiver (CCW), Veterans Administration and private pay. Private pay options are income based with day and monthly rates available.


A Reason to Get Up in the Morning

Kingsley’s Adult Day Care staff treated my dad like their own family. His health was monitored daily by their nursing team, a nutritionist and chef provided healthy meals and snacks, and he participated in daily activities and field trips. Staff even let him help them and assigned him certain tasks to make him feel useful and engaged as a team member. For a man who worked and felt needed his entire life, this was a crucial component to his success at Kingsley. Kingsley gave my dad a reason to get up every morning and gave me the peace of mind to continue my job and provide for my family. We were so thankful the day we found Kingsley. Marques Celestine, Jr.

My Kingsley Family

 They are my second family. The nurses, supervisors, and interns are like my children. They always come and check on me, making sure I’m well-taken care of and enjoying my day. This program has brought the best out of me, it really has…having this sense of community and a support system has truly changed my life. If I’m not here in the morning, people worry about where I am. That’s family. My Kingsley family. They are good people, and we enjoy each other every day. Jerry Brown

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