We Pray for Justice, Peace and Calm

The brutal assault and killing of George Floyd serve to once again remind us of our nation’s failure to understand the continued injustices perpetrated on African Americans. These injustices stem from an historic system that often excludes equal access to health care, education, jobs and other social constructs. The system then seeks to blame the victims, even when there is clear video evidence to the contrary.
While we do not condone the destruction and violence that has followed the tragic killing, we most certainly understand how this is a consequence of the perpetual and systemic oppression and mistreatment of American citizens.
While we pray for peace and calm, as demonstrated in our city on May 30th, we stand firmly and without reservation with those who demand the removal of the blinders of justice that George Floyd and so many others have had to give their lives for ALL to see.
Let us now join together in solidarity, unified in our desire to live in a nation where people of all races, creeds and nationalities are valued.

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Since 1896, Kingsley House has educated children, strengthened families and built community. Each year, we provide nationally accredited and state certified programs to over 7,000 infants, children, youth, parents, seniors and medically-fragile adults.

Kingsley House

Kingsley House

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We hope your To Do List looks like this today. #takecare #selfcaresaturday

Kingsley House

Kingsley House

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Our Second Cohort had a BLAST during their virtual STEM NOLA camp this week. Thanks again to GPOA Foundation for funding this incredible opportunity for…

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Kingsley House educates children, strengthens families & builds community.

At Kingsley House, we envision a city and region where all young children are ready to succeed and all citizens are healthy and economically stable. Recognizing that vulnerable families are at risk of being caught in an intractable cycle of poverty, we are committed to ensuring that individuals and families have the supports necessary to be successful at all stages of life. To accomplish our goals, we join forces with dedicated community partners. Collectively, we work with families to fuel economic growth and social change in our city, state and region.

Since 1896, Kingsley House has been offering nationally accredited & state certified education, adult and community services in the Greater New Orleans area. Contact us today!

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